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Cambridgeshire Young Peoples Film Festival

Are you taking Media studies at school and would like to make a film?

We want to show the world what talented people there are in Cambridgeshire.

If you plan and make a film you will then be able to submit it to  where it could be viewed across the world. Schools, clubs, organisations and individuals in Cambridgeshire are eligible to make and submit films as long as they fall within the festival rules.


  • Individuals may submit a maximum of 1 film which must be endorsed by a responsible adult. 
  • Proof of age and affiliation to a Cambridgeshire learning establishment or registration of home schooling within Cambridgeshire is required.
  • Fiilms should be a maximum of 5 minutes for Media Studies students on any subject you like.

Dealine for submissions is Wednesday, 31st May 2017.

For lots more information, please visit Cambridgeshire's Young People's Film Festival website.

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