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7/01/17 - Confused about how I feel.

07/01/17 - Male, 17 :

I am 17 and feel no motivation for life in general. I am not unhappy and not in any trouble or anything but i just dont get the meaning of anything. i go to school and work reasonably hard, come home to my family and play x box, or chat or, play on my xbox etc. i am learning to drive, cant seem to get a saturday job as live in a village and its not easy to travel. i get everything i need without being spoiled, but i dont know why i feel like this. i dont think i will do ever so well at my exams but wont do terrible and want to go to university to do law eventually , just confused about how i feel. 

Ali says -

Believe it or not you are not alone!  It's not uncommon to feel lost and like there is no direction in life.  This is partly because we have so many choices that it can often seem hard to decide on what we want to do.  There is a lot of stuff on the net telling you about your options but that doesn't always help you decide what's right for you so finding the right person to help is really important .

However before I talk about that the first thing that can help is to try to think more about the good aspects of your life rather than what's confusing you.  From what you have said there are many things that are positive so why not think about the things you really enjoy and try to take them a bit further.  Set yourself little targets each day that can be easily achieved  and congratulate yourself when they are done.  For example rather than falling into the same routine each day make a conscious effort to do something different as often as you can.  You could say "right, tonight  I'm going to call a friend for a chat" or better still arrange to see him/her (if it's possible without a car).  Doing sport can also help so if you don't do a lot at the moment how about doing for a run or even a walk.  This not only gets you fit but it can help clear your head and it also releases chemicals in your body that make you feel better..... don't start with too hard a target just small stages and before long you will find that the success of reaching the small targets helps you to take on bigger challenges.

While all of that is stuff you can do for yourself you would also benefit from talking to someone about how you feel like your teacher or youth worker.  You can get support from your nearest Youth Support Centre. If you would like to know about other people who can help just get back to me.  

A lot of people at your stage of life need someone to talk over ideas and options with so it's perfectly OK to ask.  

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