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18/01/2017 - Family Concerns

18/01/17 - Female, 18 :

†im a muslim my mums a prostitute... nearly evryone kows but she denies it and gets all woked up. shes got 2 sides ones where she all relighous and the other concerns me what can i do? im married aswell and its effecting my relationship wiv my in laws (not my hubby tho he understands) they dont respect me like they used to and dont talk to me as much they thnk i might turn out like that too.... what can i do?

Ali says -

If your Mum is using prostitution as a way of getting more money she will need to seek support from your local sexual health clinic or doctor surgery. Prostitution is an exchange of sexual services for money.† In Great Britain, Wales and Scotland prostitution is legal, however related activities, such as soliciting in a public place, kerb crawling, owning or managing a brothel and pimping are illegal. I would speak to your Mum and raise your concerns, also it might be worth pointing out how dangerous prostitution can be. Itís important to try and talk to your mum about why she is doing this as there might be things you donít know about. It could also be hearsay from others and your Mum might not know how to deal with it. †These can be seen as very serious allegations.

It is good you feel supported by your Husband and would suggest talking to him about how you feel, he may be able to talk to his family and explain your feelings.

Please contact me again if you need any more advice.

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