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Contact with my biological Mother

03/04/17 - Female, 15 :

 I am adopted. My biological mother has made promises three times that she wanted to spend time with me. But she's said she wanted to change. I don't know if i should believe her a fourth time or what i should say. I don't want to hurt her feelings.



Ali says -

Have you spoken to your adoptive parents or anyone else about this? You do need to talk to someone. If you feel you cannot talk to your parents what about someone you trust such as a teacher.

Do you want a relationship with your biological mother? And if so what would you like that relationship to look like? The contact with your biological mother does not have to be face to face it can also be done via phone or email, you would need permission from your adoptive parents.

These are big issues to deal with, especially without the support of any one on your side.

You could contact the Post Adoption Duty Team on 03001231093 they will be able to provide you with more advice and guidance.

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