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08/05/2017 - Gender Identity

07/05/17 - Female, 16 :

can i have a sex change

Ali says -

Thank you for your question – it is not an easy one to give a quick answer to as there are lots of variables and we would need to have more information to know what it is exactly that you are asking. To have surgical intervention is a long process (especially as there are long waiting lists) and you must be 18 for this to happen. Although your local Doctors surgery should be able to refer you for more help, as it may be possible to look at other options such as hormone treatments. In all cases we would encourage you to speak to someone at home or an adult you trust, if you have not already done so as it can help to have someone to talk to and support you.

There are a number of places where you can go for more in depth information to reply more specifically to questions around this issue, below are a few links to them.

The Kite Trust offers a number of different services including 1:1 meetings and access to social groups across the Cambridgeshire area. The Kite Trust's website  gives more information and contact details to get in touch with them directly.

Another online resource which will have more information and can be accessed through the NHS (National Health Service) website is the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) page which is for children and young people, and their families, who experience difficulties in the development of their gender identity.

It is important to remember that gender reassignment is a protected characteristic – this means that “it is discriminatory to treat people who propose to start to or have completed a process to change their gender less favourably...” 

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