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25/11/17 - I need housing advice

25/11/17 - Male, 17 :

I'm needing housing advice. I'm currently 17 and living with my girlfriend. We have a child on the way and we can't raise a child in this house, there are 6 people living in a 2 bedroom bungalow. I feel like youthoria will be best for advice on housing, I've tried going to the council but they don't help in this case. Please can you help?

Ali says -

Thank you for contacting me with your housing question.† Itís really good that you are planning ahead and keen to explore your options.

I would recommend that you attend one of our Youth Support Service drop inís and ask to speak with a Young Peopleís Worker (YPW).† They have a sound knowledge of housing and will be able to link you with other specialist services to explore your options.† You can view details of your nearest Youth Support Drop in here. Alternatively you can visit Centre 33, the young people's advice and information charity who also specialise in young peoples housing advice and have an East Cambs drop in based in Ely.

You donít mention how old your partner is, but as young parents there are specialists youth projects that will help you plan and prepare so that you feel ready to welcome your child.† There may be a young fatherís project near you that can support you to explore your housing options and any other issues you may face.† Having a child at any age brings many challenges so it is important to develop your support networks.† It sounds as if† you are already on the road to being a very good parent.

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