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06/01/2019 - Can i get pregnant?

06/01/18 - Female, 14 :

If you just got off your period and you want to have sex , is there a possibility that you can get pregnant?

Ali says -

There is no ‘safe time’ during your menstrual cycle.  Although fertility varies throughout your cycle there is always a chance that you could conceive (get pregnant).  You should always practice safe sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted infections (STIs).

You can find more information about this topic on the NHS choices website here.  It can help to discuss relationships, your sexual health and contraception choices with a trusted adult.  Alternatively you can get support and information from Centre 33, your nearest sexual health clinic by looking at the iCash link here or by visiting your doctor/GP (general practitioner is another name for a doctor)

Best wishes


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