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22/01/2018 - home tutoring

22/01/18 - Male, 15 :


An Ask Ali Question was submitted via Youthoria:

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Postcode: CB6

I have been out of schooling for 2 years as i have been ill, but i am now receiving home education through my college. †My question is are there any courses available for my age that i could do in addition to my home education? †


Youthoria Website

Ali says -


Itís great to hear that you are feeling well enough to think about doing some additional courses to your home tutoring.

I would suggest that you speak to someone at your college to see if they have links to any other education providers, as they may be able to build this into your timetable.†

It may also be worth thinking about some work experience or voluntary work as part of your home tutoring package to help you get some ideas of what you may like to do when you leave school and have finished studying.

If you are in yr 11 you will also be eligible for the National Citizens Service this year and could get involved or register by contacting

Best wishes


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