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22/01/2018 - I might be pregnant

22/01/18 - Female, 17 :

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Postcode: cb12

HI Ali,

I think I might be pregnant.
Please help me make the right decision


Ali says -


Some of the signs of pregnancy can include, missed periods, sore breasts and the need to urinate more often. 

Some women and girls may have bleeding when they are pregnant, so it is still a good idea to take a pregnancy test if you have had unprotected sex or believe that you could be pregnant.

You can take a free test at most GPs, family planning clinics or sexual health clinics. You can buy an easy to use pregnancy test at most chemists or large supermarkets for about £10. While a positive test result almost certainly means you are pregnant, a negative result is not always correct and doesn't always mean that you aren't.

If you are pregnant, it is important to get the right advice and support as soon as possible. You have several choices:

  • To keep the baby

  • To place the baby for fostering or adoption

  • To end the pregnancy by having an abortion

It's normal to have mixed feelings about your pregnancy.  You may feel scared, excited, shocked, embarrassed or anxious. You might be unsure of what to do and you might be worried about what others might say. But you don't have to go through this on your own. 

Although you have to be the one to decide what is best for you, it may help to talk to someone you trust; perhaps a member of your family or a friend, a GP, someone from school or College or you could visit your closet sexual health clinic.  Here is the website so that you can find the closest one to you and find out how you can get an appointment or when their drop ins are

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