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02/02/2019 - school home tutored - what are my options?

02/02/18 - Male, 14 :

I †am currently doing home school education arranged by the school. Due to a few problems I am not allowed in mainstream. What are my options

Ali says -

Unfortunately without knowing your situation it is hard to advise you.† If your education is arranged by your school I am assuming you are still on their school roll and that they have a responsibility and duty of care towards you.† If you are unhappy or want to explore other options you should make an appointment to speak to your school contact with your parents or the adults that care for you.

If you are keen to start exploring options you can ask to be referred to your Senior Transitions Adviser who will support you.† This can be arranged by school or your Early Help District Team whose details you can find here.

I am really pleased you want to explore your options as education and the opportunity to develop is key for a young personís positive transition to being an adult.† Well done for wanting to explore your options and I wish you every success for your future

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