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28/03/2018 - Job Search

28/03/18 - Female, 13 :

So i was wondering what paid jobs there are for 13 year olds, as like part time jobs? when looking through jobs i noticed they were all 16+ or 18+ ex.

Ali says -


Thank you for your message.† Lots of young people start to think about a part-time job around your age. If you look at the work pages on†Youthoria†youíll find lots of information to help you get started, from the rules relating to under 16ís working, how to search for a job, how to apply and how to write a good CV.

Very few will take on under 16s because of insurance - most policies will not cover under 16s, however itís always worth taking your CV in to local shops and hairdressers. It might also be worth asking family and friend if they have small jobs you can do to earn extra money like washing the car, mowing the lawn and babysitting.

Good Luck

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