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Worried about mums opinion on my educational journey

16/06/18 - Female, 14 :

Idk what to do. My mum wants me to be all academic and everything but I don't think I'm much cop at it y'know. I want to please my mum but it's my life essentially

Ali says -

Hello there and thank you for your message

It sounds as if you could do with someone to talk to about how youíre feeling and what you might like to achieve in the future.

14 is quite a transitional age, you may be about to choose your options or you may be at the end of yr 10.† At 14 itís very common not to know what you want to do as a career and to feel pressure and confusion around school issues.† The important thing is to acknowledge how you are feeling and to explore what your options might be.

If you feel able to itís always best to talk.† Your mum may not realise how you feel or that what she says puts you under pressure, talk to her and let her know your thoughts for the future as well as your worries and how you feel about school.† You should also arrange to speak with your schools career advisor also.† They will help you to explore your interests and possible careers linked to your strengths.† It is your life and you should make sure you have the support and knowledge in place to make good choices and decisions as you move forward.†

Achieving success and economic well-being doesnít come down to how academic you are, hard work, determination and good communication skills are equally as important.† Start by having some positive conversations and see where you get to.† There are lots of opportunities to learn and develop in life so build upon your strengths and what motivates you and then start working towards your dreams and goals.

Best wishes and good luck


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