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02/07/2018 Friendships

06/07/18 - Female, 15 :

Hello! I have a few problems with my friendship group. Overall, they are nice and supporting but sometimes I feel a bit left out and used by mainly 2 people. One is my "best friend" who is really nice and shares many secrets with me, but she has 2 other friends who she has known for years and sometimes I feel like they form a sub group inside the bigger one. But I'm mostly annoyed at the fact that they would keep conversations with each other and not anyone else and they would sometimes say they need to go to toilet and never come back. Also I feel like one of my friends only talks and gets close to me when she has no one else. For example in holidays, she would ask to meet up only when her other friends are away. What should I do?

Ali says -

Thank you for your message. 


Friendships can often be very difficult and can have a significant impact on everyone, regardless of age.


It may be helpful for you to talk to someone independent from the group who you trust, like a parent, or a teacher or maybe another friend from a different friendship group, as often keeping things like this to yourself can be difficult. 

If you feel talking to a person too difficult you could check out ‘Kooth’  They offer free online support for young people with forums as well as counselling sessions.


You may also find it helpful to talk to your friends and explain her feelings to them as they may not realise how their actions sometimes make you feel. 


It’s important that everyone has different groups of friends and getting support from something like Kooth around relationships and balancing friendships may be helpful for you so that you can preserve your own feelings. 


Managing friendships is a skill for life. 

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