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15/08/2018 - I might be pregnant

15/08/18 - Female, 17 :

I think I might be pregnant but I'm not ready to have a baby I wouldn't be able to support it and it wouldn't be fair to bring a baby into the world knowing I can't. I can't tell my parents or my boyfriend as we recently broke up for a period of time and I made a stupid mistake so it wouldn't be his, which would kill him! I don't know what to do!

Ali says -


Thank you for your message.

I suggest that the first thing that you would need to do is conform whether or not you are pregnant.† You can do this by getting a home pregnancy test or going to the GP or your local †Intergraded Contraception and Sexual Health (iCASH) Centre.† The local one in Cambridge is down Mill Road in the center of Cambridge.† Their phone number is 0300 300 3030.† Here is their website† You can either make an appointment or attend one of their drop ins.†

They will also be able to talk to about options or support for whatever you decide to do.† As you are over 16, they are completely confidential, so your parents and boyfriend would not need to know, if you didnít want them to. †

It may be helpful for you to speak to someone who you trust about how you are feeling.† Perhaps a friend or someone at College if you are at College?† I can tell from your message that you are feeling stressed out, and would strongly suggest trying to think about someone about this situation.†

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