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30/08/2018 - loss of trust with my mother

30/08/18 - Female, 16 :

there's a lot of distrust between me and my mum because she hides important information from me and shares my secrets with others who are virtually strangers to me. i was raped last year and although this is currently with police my mum thinks that her new boy toy is an exception to the rule that we are not allowed to discuss this with others outside of professionals helping me deal with this. i dont know how to cope with our relationship because it feels very toxic at the minute but i have no one else to turn to. most of my friends are online so i cant go over someones house to get away from the toxicity of our mother daughter relationship. i love her dearly but i dont trust her anymore. 

Ali says -

Hi there and thank you for contacting me

I appreciate that you might not want to but if you can talk to your mum and explain how you’re feeling, you may be able to move forward.  You clearly love her very much and it’s really important to have a trusted adult you can talk to.


you’ve clearly been through a lot and you seem to want someone to talk to.  Centre 33 are a Cambridge based youth charity that can offer support and have a “someone to talk to “ service.  You can go to a drop in or arrange face to face counselling.  For more information about Centre 33 and their services click here

If online works better for you then Kooth is a great service for Young’s people and offers sercure and monitored chat rooms and on line counselling appointments - find Kooth here

Its so important to talk and explore your feelings, well done for recognising your frustrations and I wish you well in the future 

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