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26/10/2018 - Education and Apprenticeship

26/10/18 - Female, 17 :

I have done one year at college and failed my course. I also need to redo my maths GCSE. I'm working part time and want to know what my options are for returning to study or doing an apprenticeship. I had a bad experience at college. I also have struggled with anxiety issues. I really want to do well at something but feel like I can't find something I'm interested in and can do where I live

 Any advise?

Ali says -

Hi, thanks for your message

The Youth Support Centre offer confidential support to young people by providing information, advice, guidance and practical help, on a wide range of topics including career planning, education, job seeking and training. They will be able to offer you advice on College courses and where you will be able to complete your Maths GCSE. Have you looked at the Apprenticeship Website? They have a list of all the current apprenticeships available to young people.

It might be worth booking an appointment with your Doctor/ G.P regarding your anxieties, they may be able to offer your support or refer to another service.

Good luck

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