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29/10/19- problems and insecurities

29/10/19 - Female, 15 :

Hi Ali

You previously ignored my messages to this platform. I have many problems and insecurities, involving dough balls and lust, particularly towards doughballs. I would really appreciate if you replied because these subjects are very important for my mental wellbeing. I also have been having performance issues. Since my recent message I have discovered that I am non-binary and it's been my birthday so I'm really hoping you reply.

Also my cat died and I'm struggling getting over that. Please have sympathy and reply to this message, it would mean the world.

Ali says -

Hi there

Really sorry you feel we missed you previous message.

With regards to your mental welling and recent bereavement, there are lots of services that are available for support. Your GP could be a good place to start and would provide you with an opportunity to talk about how you are feeling. They may also be able to sign post and/or refer you to specialist services such as counselling.

Here is the link to a website called 'Keep Your Head' It has information and contact details for support services in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough which you may find helpful.

Also you may want to seek support from the kite trust The kite trust is a youth charity specialising in gender and sexuality.


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