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9-12/19 - Family Support

09/12/19 - Female, 18 :

My dad has been suffering from depression for years, this year has been very hard we lost my mum in may and although my parents were no longer together they were like best friends and my dad took that hard there has since been other problems with him strongly disliking my partner, me also having my baby at 23 weeks. My dad has also had to deal with my younger sister not wanting anything to do with him for no reason at all. Normally he copes however yesterday he pretty much wrote a suicide note and told us me and his wife he cant cope with any more but will not allow anyone to help him we called the police and ambulance yesterday but no ambulance came when the police came he acted like he was okay so they didnt really do anything to help but give him a website to look at. He knows he needs help but wont ask as everytime he does no one does anything about it. I dont know what to do im so scared that he will harm himself what can i do?

Ali says -


Thanks for your message.

This must be a really difficult time for you and your whole family. Try talking to your dad, explain how youíre feeling and see if you can work through things together.†

  • You could try Cruse Bereavement Care. They support families who have lost someone.
  • Your Dad could self-refer to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT). They offer support around Mental Health and Wellbeing.
  • You could also seek support from your local Childrenís Centre. They have specialist family worker in place to support young parents. †

Itís really important to have a positive relationship with your dad and keep the communication between you honest, open and strong.†

Good luck with everything.


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