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07/05/2020 - When will lockdown end

08/05/20 - Male, 11 :

how long is the lockdown going to be for?

Ali says -

Hello there and thank you for your question

Unfortunately I cannot give you an answer as I do not know how much longer the UK lockdown is going to be for.

The UK is expected to find out the next steps in the current Corona Virus lockdown this weekend and whether any of the conditions are likely to be eased.Boris Johnson our Prime Minister will address the nation again this Sunday the 10th May and tell us all the next stages.

Although some of the measures could be eased in the coming weeks, itís likely that the UK will face restrictions and social distancing for some time yet to come.

Stay safe and stay at home.If you want to explore the subject more or to access further support you can go online to Mix is the leading online youth charity offering support, information, advice and guidance.

Best wishes


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