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01/06/2020 - Can I legally care for my 3 siblings

01/06/20 - Female, 16 :

Can I a 16 year old legally take care of my three younger siblings if something happens to my parents

Ali says -

If something were to happen to a young personís parents and they were under the age of 18, Cambridgeshire Social Care would work with them and their family network to ensure the appropriate support and care were in place.You would not be able to care for your siblings as legally you need to be an adult to do this.Once you were 18 the situation would be reviewed and if it were appropriate and achievable you could discuss being in a guardian and caring role for your siblings.

The Corona Virus pandemic has caused many people of all ages to consider all sorts of possible outcomes and life changes.It is normal to worry about those we care for and to want to plan for the future should something bad happen.If you need any further support or are worried you can talk to several youth charities including Childline 0800 11 11 or Centre 33 based here in Cambridge

Best wishes


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