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Cant get a job and worried about my mental health

25/06/20 - Female, 17 :

i'm finding it hard to keep my mental health good i'm feeling really depressed and worthless as i can't find a job

Ali says -

Hello there and thank you for making contact

Itís very hard to acknowledge feelings and your own mental health needs so well done for recognising that youíre beginning to struggle.Recognising we need to make positive change or access help is the biggest step forward!

We are living in very different and challenging times.Accessing employment at 17 can be incredibly challenging let alone during a world-wide pandemic.Try to look at the full picture and the challenges you are facing.Talking things through can be really valuable and finding a trusted adult to explore opportunities and avenues of help can really help you to move forward.

If you are not in education, employment or training you can access one of our Youth Support Service Information advisors or Young Peopleís Workers (YPW) via our drop ins or during Covid 19 via telephone.I think you are in the Ely area so please call 01353 616990 or Email: to access support.

You can talk to an Information Advisor or a YPW about your mental health or alternatively please take a look at the information below and access some of the valuable resources listed below: a valuable website to link to on line counselling and anonymous support local support and face to face help if this is a good option for you

Keep recognising your needs and feelings and taking steps forward to access help and progress.† These are tough times for everyone and we know that young people will need help now more than ever.

Best wishes


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