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11-08-20 - College

11/08/20 - Male, 14 :

I want to go to college when finish year 11. Do I have to pay for college? I want to study computer science or computer, to learn more about programming. I am thinking to apply for apprenticeship as well. What the best way for me? College like Level 3 and then apprenticeship after?

Ali says -


Thanks for your message.

Education is free for young people under the age of 24.

Most Colleges offer free courses however you may need to pay towards uniform, equipment, books ect. Some Colleges offer grants to help support young people with these costs.

It might be worth looking at your local college websites to see what courses they offer. Also it might be worth checking what grades you will need to be accepted on to the course you choose.

Some Colleges offer apprenticeships and there is also a website you can check

Is there a careers advisor at your school? It might be worth booking an appointment with them to talk through your options or you may like to make contact with The Youth Support Centre, they offer confidential support to young people by providing information, advice, guidance and practical help on a wide range of topics including career paths, college courses and options.

I can see from your postcode that your closest centre would be Cambridge Youth Support Centre, 3rd Floor, Cambridge Central Library, 7 Lion Yard, Cambridge, CB2 3QD .

You can contact them on either 01223 728500 or to book an appointment.

All the best


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