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Job Search / Details

Temporary Staffing Services







Working opportunities can be flexible with hours that meet your individual needs.


16+ for admin and clerical roles
18+ for others due to the nature of the roles

Job Description:

Temporary Staffing Services (TSS) provide temporary flexible work opportunities within CPFT. Currently looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join our temporary workforce throughout Cambridgeshire in a variety of locations.
We can offer roles in:Admin and clerical; also Healthcare Assistants.


Free mandatory training and Access to the NHS Care Certificate programme.



Opportunity to work within the NHS

Additional Information:

The benefits of becoming a temporary worker are as follows: Opportunities are available that will allow you to gain experience within a variety of specialised teams; Work can be arranged to meet your specific requirements; Access to the NHS pension scheme; Access to the NHS Care Certificate programme; Free mandatory training; Temporary work allows you to keep your skills up to date; A pathway into a career in nursing, health care or administration; NHS badge entitling you to many NHS card benefits.


To find out how to apply, click the 'Get info' button - you will be asked to login or register if you haven't already done so.