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£8.25 per hour


During the school holidays shifts are Monday 08:15-18:15, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 08:15-17:45. Playworkers have a 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon (paid) and a 30 minute lunch break (unpaid). Shifts will be assigned in accordance to Playworker availability and staffing needs


17+ due to the regulatory requirements relating to childcare ratios.

Job Description:

Meet and greet new and existing children and settle them into activities, as well as giving guided tours to new families; Set up play spaces and resources so children can play independently; Organise planned activities with the children; Prepare and provide snacks for the children; Support children's play needs by either joining in or supervising in an unobtrusive manner; Assist with day-to-day administration, record keeping, cleaning and care of the site and equipment as required and/or directed by senior staff; Be responsible for the children in your direct area, being aware of their individual needs including medical, dietary and behavioural needs; Be aware of changes in children's friendships, proactively encouraging their socialising and play; Deal with any inappropriate, unacceptable or challenging behaviour in line with UCHP's Behaviour Policy; Work independently and as part of the team to meet the standards UCHP has set to provide quality care. Safeguard the health and well-being of children by logging concerns, administering first-aid as appropriate and assessing risks and benefits of play activities; Complete safety checks of the area in which you are working to ensure the safety of children remains paramount; Complete written observations for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage; Report all incidents to senior members of staff ; Attend and participate in staff meetings and training sessions as required in addition to the core working hours; Carry out all responsibilities and activities within an equal opportunities framework and in line with the UCHP Equal Opportunities Policy; Respect confidentiality ensuring sensitive information relating to UCHP and any staff or children attending is not disclosed inappropriately; To operate within all policies and procedures of UCHP at all times; Undertake any other duties, as directed by senior staff.


Playworkers will be expected to undertake an online safeguarding course prior to starting with UCHP. A through induction will be given prior to starting work. Other training offered will be a Level 2 course in Food Hygiene and a Paediatric First Aid . Playworkers will be offered full supervision training during weekly group supervisions


All candidates must be able demonstrate and evidence the following: A commitment to safeguarding the welfare of children and young people and the ability to respond to and report concerns appropriately; A keen interest in children's play and a willingness to get involved in all aspects of their play; The ability to listen and talk appropriately to all those involved with Playscheme; A respect for children's rights, individuality and preferences and the ability to behave in a manner that reflects this; An understanding that all children are unique and the ability to provide individualised care tailored to their needs; The ability to provide warm and consistent care to children and young people; The ability to assess the benefits and risks of an activity or play environment; An understanding of professional boundaries when working with children and the ability to maintain these; The ability to respond positively to and follow instructions; The ability to work independently and undertake tasks without prompting; The ability to work effectively and professionally with others; The physical and emotional ability to join in with children's play and carry out all tasks within the role description. Playworkers must have plenty of energy, enthusiasm, be trustworthy and reliable. Applicants must be able to have good and professional working relationships with children. Previous experience or training in childcare is preferable but not essential.


As it is holiday work only there are limited opportunities for progression. However some staff who stay with us for a number of holidays become site co-ordinators who have greater responsibilities for the running of the sites during these periods.


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