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Trash to Fashion

Most colourful Glamourous ball queens, robots and an elephant took to the cat walk in St Ives Summer Holiday Programme this week.... all dressed in trash!  Yip, thats right!  The youth of today have discovered that theres no need for fancy designer labels - some junk out of the recyling bin is all thats needed to strut their stuff in style.

Costumes were designed, constructed, sello-taped, stapled, painted and paraded in just 3 days, with an outstanding result.  The costumes were really creative, and the models took to the catwalk with flair, adding in some of their street dance moves to their strut.

Comments from the young people included "It was trash-tastic!" and "It was garbagulous!" and "Ill be devastated when its all over.  I LOVE it!"

And the winners were:
Garbage Glam, Daily Sport and Tarty Night
Future Junkt, Robot Queen and De-Orrior
Bark-Moo-Star Press
Most Way Out Cyber Shade
Best Teamwork JD Bot
 Most Wearable Trashy Chic

Thanks to everyone involved, for all their enthusiam, hard work and fun!


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