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Connexions bus advertising

Long Road student Robyn Wilton will be looking out for the bus for a different reason this month. Robyn, 17, came up with ideas for a bus advertising campaign for Connexions. The results of her initial drawings can now be seen on the side of buses around the county.

Connexions, part of Cambridgeshire County Council, provides young people with information, advice, guidance and experiences to enhance their personal development.

Robyn worked with Connexions’ graphic designer in November during ‘Takeover Day’ - when organisations across England allow children and young people inside for a day to get involved and get an insight into the decision-making processes which affect their daily lives.

January is a key time for young people to drop out of college courses – the bus advertising was designed to tackle this problem and promote the support that Connexions can offer if teenagers have reassessed their lives over Christmas and need help to get back on track.

Robyn comments: “It’s strange but at the same time quite exciting to see the final production of something that I helped to develop with Gavin. Not to mention all over buses! I hope it serves the purpose and people realise how much Connexions can actually aid them in making decisions about their life choices.”

Getting the right advice is more important than ever, as there are less job vacancies this year for those who want to drop out of college to seek permanent employment or find temporary work until they can start a new course in September.

Gavin added: “It’s really important for us to get input and feedback from young people as much as possible. Connexions is their service and it’s important they are allowed to shape it.”

As part of the campaign, teenagers can win one of two £20 vouchers by telling Connexions why they are heading in the right direction. T

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