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Wisbech VOICE

Over the last four weeks a group of three young people have been meeting weekly with youth workers to form an action group for Wisbech and the surrounding areas. This came about from the previous Youth Advisory Group, which stopped running last May due to staff changes.

The group aimed to make changes to youth activities and opportunities. They were involved in the funding and planning of the new Centre 4 youth wing at The Queen Mary Centre, Wisbech.

The three young people have now changed the group’s name to Wisbech Young People’s VOICE, which was an idea they came up with. The VOICE group stands for: Voice, Opinion, Improve, Change and Everyone. These three young people have worked hard at design ideas for an advertising poster and also are looking into making a website for the Wisbech area youth clubs.

Sadly despite much advertising there are still only three members of the group. The young people would love this group to grow so that they can gain more ideas and start to make some changes and get their voices heard. The group would like to gain more funding for equipment, get interest from more young people and make the most of the chances that are available for young people to have fun!

If you are interested then please come along and join our group - see the poster in the downloads section below. 


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