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First step to a Black Belt


Following on from a personal safety project with Area Inclusion Worker Victoria Bartle (far right) and Nacro in Huntingdon one of the students has successfully passed his first martial arts Kickboxing grading to achieve his red belt. 

Michael (Middle of photo) went to Peterborough to a Dojo where he excelled himself and worked extremely hard on a hot day to achieve his first belt.  Sensei Mo Malik (left) is a 4th Dan Black belt and has been training for nearly 30 years, during which time he has trained in at least 8 different styles of martial arts.  Mo thought very highly of Michael’s skill and said he looked forward to seeing him go for his next belt in 3 months time.

Inclusion worker  Victoria said “I am so proud of him – he has been so dedicated and put everything in to achieving his belt and I have been so impressed by how quickly he has picked up the skills that I have asked him to be a Peer Instructor with me over the summer holidays in various youth clubs.”

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