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Grafham Water Inclusion Event

This summer marked the occurrence of a big County Council Youth Inclusion Event at Grafham Water, in which 40 young people were joined by their siblings and parents to take part in a jam-packed day of outdoor pursuits.

Disabled young people, from across Cambridgeshire, attended the Fun Day either independently, with their siblings, or with their entire family. Any one attending had the option to take part in a multitude of activities. The Grafham Water Centre was therefore humming with people of all abilities and ages (from 11 to 60!) engaging in sailing trips, power-boating play, team canoeing, kayak games, dizzying high ropes balancing acts, climbing wall clambering, and archery action.

Young people had the chance to spend time with familiar, and unfamiliar, faces from across Cambridgeshire. Those attending without their family members were able to enjoy some independence and have fun with their peers and youth workers. Those attending with their siblings and/or parents had the opportunity to have some ‘family time’ whilst also meeting other families with young people of similar ages.

It was a fantastic day, in which everyone involved had an incredible time. The staff were inspired by how quickly the large group came together to enjoy both one another’s company, and the activities on offer.

A big thank you to Graham Water for providing such brilliant facilities and staffing support, which enabled participation of everyone at the event. Thanks also to the Aiming High Short Breaks grant award for funding the Fun Day. Finally, thanks to all young people and families who made the Youth Inclusion Event so special and successful!


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