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Arts Awards at Ramsey

At chaos youth centre we had the external moderator arrive today to check out all the portfolios and art work produced by young people here for their arts award. We had 24 young people entering bronze and 12 young people entering at silver level.

They have been working really hard to produce all kinds of art work and developing new skills in djing, sculpture, graffiti, dance, carnival arts, painting, photography and loads more. As part of the arts award you also have to review a show so we organised a number of trips this year including watching STOMP in London, going to an exhibition at the enchanted palace, watching hairspray, performed by spotlight youth theatre and a trip to Nottingham Trent university degree exhibition.

We are really pleased to say that ALL young people passed their award and the moderator said 'the young people were articulate and confident in describing their experiences of the arts award' and added that' chaos youth centre itself resonates with the young people's work, on the giant mural, in the work exhibited and the notice board where they share their thoughts and reflections on their practice'.

So a massive congratulations to everyone who has been working so hard and I hope you all come along when you get invited to the celebration event to see the work and support the success of these young people when we present their certificates. For more info on the arts award in the Ramsey area contact Dibs on


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