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Outdoor fun in Feburary

On Monday 21st February, 10 young people from the Ramsey, Sawtry Yaxley Locality embarked on a great adventure to visit Edale Youth Hostel in Derbyshire and take part in a three day residential.

The funding for this project came from the Huntingdonshire Youth Bank. Young people were referred onto the residential by the local secondary schools and the in school support teachers. Three young people decided that it would be a good experience to go away for a few days and try some different activities that they had never done before like caving. The young people were awarded £2986.


On the first day the young people took park in the leap of faith which involved climbing up a pole and jumping off, they then went on a night hike which involved reaching the summit of Mam Tor in Derbyshire where it was snowing in the dark.





On the second day the young people got all kitted out and went caving for the morning, this was a great experience and challenged a lot of fears. They all worked together and supported each other. In the afternoon once they had readjusted to the light the young people went canoeing and had a great time, two of the young people were even brave enough to voluntarily capsize their canoes. In the evening the young people worked together on problem solving tasks.


On the last day the group ventured off to miller’s Dale viaduct to do some abseiling, 8 of the young people had a go and really enjoyed themselves, this was a very difficult activity for a lot of people and they were very brave to take part in it.

Overall it was a brilliant residential the young people had lots of fun and got to try new things, they all completed their Asdan Activities Award and are having a celebration event in a few weeks to get their certificates and reflect on the residential.

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