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Room at the Bug Hotel

The young people of Abbey worked in partnership with Cambridge County Council Youth workers and Hilary Cox  (Community Artist) on an amazing piece of environmental art over the Easter Holidays. 

The project was to design and create a natural sculpture in their local area out of recyclable materials. The group first met in February and decided on the idea of a bug hotel. 

Our Bug hotel was a brilliant and creative way to provide shelter for bugs and promote biodiversity.  It was made from all kinds of recyclable materials such as wooden pallets, bamboo, plastic bottles, hollow plant stems and dead wood and leaves. The main aim is to create a range of small and interesting spaces for bugs to inhabit.  The group spent four days designing and constructing a bug hotel that not only provided shelter but was good looking enough to tempt any bug in the area to stop by.  The project was led by young people who were interested in the idea of a natural sculpture due to a tree being cut down in their local area. 

Although the bug hotel does not directly replace the tree it is a way of young people giving back to the environment in their local area.  The project went really well and all who took part were proud of their achievement in creating something for the very smallest members of their community. 

The project was funded by Abbey Action for youth which is a group of local people in Abbey who are working to fund positive activities for Children and young people in the area.


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