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Abbey Safe Project

Young people from the Abbey and Barnwell Ward participated in 3 workshops held at the East Barnwell Centre on Tuesday evenings in November, organised by Cambridge South City Locality Team (Cambridgeshire County Council). This followed a number of outreach sessions carried out by young people’s workers, where young people asked staff for more information on a variety of topics, which were later, implemented within the workshops. Based on this, the workshops aimed to promote health and safety and played host to guest speakers from Dhiverse and Camquit. The workshops also explored issues around road safety, anti-social behaviour and respect. The workshops were extremely positive and the group learnt how to stay safe and where to go for information, advice or guidance. The group also discussed other topics that they would like to learn more about in workshop settings. We hope to organise these for early 2012.

All young people who had participated in the survey were invited to the workshops. Six young people attended every session and so, to celebrate, the young people were offered a subsidised trip to Cambridgeshire Kartsport, to which they thoroughly enjoyed. From the experience, Kyle said "I learnt that it’s important to have fun and that aggression is not always an option". TJ said "I learnt to drive slowly and not bash into your mates".

Respect was also discussed prior to and during the trip. Ross said "I learnt to be nice to other people and respect your friends". Adam agreed, "I learnt to have fun and to respect each other". The group listened excellently to Kartsport instructors and were able to develop their driving skills quickly. Joel said "I learnt the benefits of being polite and respectful to people" However, the group never forgot about road safety. Lewis said "I learnt to be careful driving on the track and to look after your friends".

We hope to deliver further workshop sessions for early 2012.

If you would like further information, please contact Sophie Smith – Young People’s Worker, Cambridge South City Locality Team, Cambridgeshire County Council on 01223 699071/ 07824 529788 or


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