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Babysitting in Ramsey

Young people in Ramsey have taken part in a weekly after school project aimed at Yr9’s who maybe interested in learning more about how to babysit and look after other people’s children.

This project has been running over 10 weeks and the young people have gained a range of skills from how to change a nappy, the law and expectations, health and safety and how to deal with difficult situations when babysitting.

As a result, this project has supported 11 young people to achieve the qualification and has given them the opportunity to meet a parent to discuss any queries or concerns they may have. The young people were also given the opportunity to use virtual dolls to demonstrate their new skills.

The course has been well attended with a huge level of commitment from the young people.

Here are some quotes from young people who have attended the course:

"I hope to be able to more confident when babysitting"

"It was all very good, only it should be longer"

"I made friends with new people"

"I know what to do if a stranger comes to the door"


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