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Lights Camera Parliament

This term we have been working with a group of young people to create a short DVD for a parliament competition. The competition invites young people to decide on an issue they feel is important and make their own law.

After lots of talking about the law and some brilliant ideas, we chose to focus on one around bike safety. It is currently the law to use bike lights if you are riding your bikes in the dark. Our group talked about the stigma and cost of lights and decided their law is:

"all young people under 16 should get free bike lights which are all the same and look cool"

We have been working on making the video for the last 7 weeks, creating storyboards, making props and learning how to use the camera and video camera. We also used the DJ decks to mix a piece of music to be used over the video clip. The film is very nearly finished now and will be sent in for the competition. We will also screen it at youth club and hopefully make a few to hand out to group who might like to use it for safety workshops with other children and young people.

For more info on this project or anything that happens at the youth centre contact Dibs Fletcher 01480376209


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