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News from the Cottenham and Swavesey locality

Projects so far

Woburn Safari Park – we took 32 young people including those who are moving up to secondary school in September. They were split into smaller groups, and a youth worker or group leader spent the day with them. Each group decided between themselves about where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do. For one group this involved going on the safari, going to the gigantic soft play area, pedalling the swan boats and watching the monkey’s being fed.

Thorpe Park – we took 13 young people aged between 13-16 years old. They stayed in their friendship groups and spent the day independently in the park but some of the young people met with staff members for lunch and then went back to the rides. They all said what a good time they had had, especially the scary rides!

Mepal Outdoor Centre– we took 20 young people on this trip and they were split into two groups. Here they took part in kayaking and a high ropes activity. On this trip we decided to design some feedback forms, which will be used for following activities. Below are some quotes about their day at Mepal.

Good things about activities:

“Fun and freedom”

“Crate stacking was really fun, because it was really high”


“Lots of time”

“It is a challenge and I love challenges”

“Meeting new people”

Making a Difference to Young People

The youth forum have played a fundamental role in organising and helping to support all of our summer trips, some came on all of the trips while others came on one or two. They all engaged with the young people from across our county, and it has been great to see how much their confidence has grown over the last few weeks. They will be now moving forward to planning our future events and will be applying to receive a local government certificate which will be evidence of their hard work.

Not only has this funding supported the youth forum, it has provided opportunities for young people across the locality to come along and meet older students who have been to the secondary schools that they will be now attending. They have all said how much they enjoyed the trips and that they are looking forward to a regular newsletter and future trips.

New staff

We have now successfully recruited four new relief workers to help assist on the positive activities programme; they have all completed their entry level introduction to youth work and have attended one or two of the trips in the summer.

Steering group

We are currently making contact with local community groups, parish councils and schools to set up the steering group in the Autumn term, in addition to this the forum will be creating a newsletter that will go out to schools and youth clubs giving them information on the summer programme, future activities, fundraising events and the planned residential in the spring term.


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