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March Photography Project

On the evening of October 10th 2012 March town hall was the setting for a marvellous collection of photographs which was the culmination of a photography project for a group of 8 local young people.

During the 2012 summer holidays the group participated in a "youth art identity project", supported by March and Chatteris Youth Support Service.

The aims of the photography project were:

  • Raising Self-awareness
  • Participation
  • Improve social skills
  • Gain accreditation.

Six sessions were held over the holiday period which invited the young people to explore their identity, what was important to them and how they fit into their local community.

The young people were loaned cameras and asked to take photographs for an art exhibition that would personally represent who they were and what was important to them.

They then had the opportunity to work one to one with photographer, Karen Harvey to creatively edit their photographs for display in a public art exhibition.

A residential to Sandalwood Farm gave the young people the opportunity to participate in positive activities and to work on their team building and planning skills for the exhibition.

Part of the exhibition has been moved to March library where it can be viewed until 25/10/12.

Some of the group members

Group member with Youth Development Coordinator Donna Barnes

Group member with Young People's Worker Vicki Wright 

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