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Motorbike Stay Safe Project

Local 16 –19 year olds are being invited to attend free motorbike safety and maintenance session hosted in Chatteris. The young people will have access to a range of experts to answer questions and for all who have successfully completed the project have access to a free CBT test or safety goods to the value of £99 if they already have their CBT. (A provisional licence is needed for them to complete a CBT, which they will need to fund themselves)

The project which runs for 8 evenings will provide interesting and possibly life-saving demonstrations.  Free food and refreshments will also be available at all the sessions.

So if you are aged 16-19 and would like to learn more about safe moped or motorcycle riding and maintenance, please call for more information.  The first session takes place on Wednesday 25th June at 6pm.

Contact Perry/Vicki  from Cambridgeshire County Council, Youth Support Services on 01354 750359

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