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Fearless training

On Tuesday 22nd July 2014 Fearless Training came to Bottisham Locality Offices to train staff about the charity and to bring ideas and resources for members of the Youth Support Service teams in East Cambridgeshire.

The training raised awareness amongst the workers who work direct with young people about the different crimes that effect young people and ways to empower young people to feel safe about reporting it. 

The Youth Support service staff who attended all left with lots of goodies, with the slogan Fearless on ranging from pens to posters to playing cards. Most importantly all the youth support service staff left with info about how to support young people around this issue of crime which affects so many young people today.

If you are concerned about any issue please talk to your young people’s worker, guidance adviser or youth worker they will be happy to support you! Or check out the fearless website for more info

You can also check out the fearless YouTube channel here

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