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5 pledges to young people in East Cambs and Fenland

Did you tell East Cambs and Fenland Area Partnership what it was like to be a young person in East Cambs and Fenland in December 2012?

Want to know what happened?

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In December 2012 young people in East Cambs and Fenland met with representatives from the East Cambs and Fenland Area Partnership to talk about issues young people in the area face.

At the end of the event the partnership made 5 pledges to improve services and opportunities for young people.  This is what has happened….


Pledge 1: 

Each representative of the Area Partnership will use their authority or influence to increase the number and variety of apprenticeships for 16-24 year olds offered in East Cambs and Fenland

Last year (2013-4) 380 young people under 19 yrs started an apprenticeship in East Cambs and Fenland.  The most popular jobs to offer apprenticeships were, Business Administration, Engineering, health and Public Services and Retail.

In September 2014 The Skills Service was launched in Fenland. This service links employers with schools and colleges.  To find out more look at The Skills Service website

Pledge 2:

Young people in East Cambridgeshire and Fenland will know where to go to access information about volunteering opportunities for young people

No progress was made on this pledge but we have heard of some successful volunteering projects that we are following up – watch this space


Pledge 3:

To improve transport from home to school for students who live in Waterlees and attend Thomas Clarkson Academy, to help them attend school regularly and get the qualifications they need to get a job

A new bus service was offered from Waterlees and Staithe.  This was free for some students and made available to other students for a small fare.

As a result of the new bus service more young people attended school regularly and more people used before and after school study sessions


Pledge 4:

Use the skills of school governors to inform, inspire and support young people to ‘do the best they can’

There were lots of ideas for this pledge but people working in different organisations did not have the time to do as much as they wanted to. School governors were approached.  Many of them are already helping in school with work around careers and employment skills.  It was suggested that each school governing body should have a designated governor for Careers/Advice, Information and Guidance (IAG) but there was not time to follow this up.


Pledge 5:

Develop locally based projects to build the confidence of young people to overcome any obstacles that get in the way of ‘doing the best they can’

The Youth Service gave £10 000 to local groups who work with young people to run projects and groups that would help young people develop their personal skills.  These included… confidence building; a community café; helping people change schools; a life skills project and a biodiversity project.  We are waiting for the people who ran these projects to tell us how successful they were

If you have been involved in any of these projects; have used services or have anything to say about these pledges then please let us know what you think.  You can send your comments or questions to


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