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CRC students provide designs for Youthoria

A new feature on Youthoria has been illustrated with exciting designs by Art and Design students from the Cambridge Regional College.

The new feature which is called 'It's Your Choice' highlights some of the issues facing young people by looking at different scenarios  and showing the options that could be taken.

A new story will be posted each month featuring the 12 designs selected from hundreds produced by students in this joint project between CRC and Cambridgeshire County Council.

Selecting which images would illustrate the scenarios was very difficult due to the high quality and wide range of submissions.  

Here are the designs that were selected along with the names of the artists and the dates they will be published on Youthoria:


Theme: Being thrown out of home
Artist: Joseph Phillips
Publication date: 01/05/15


Theme: Bullying at school/college
Artist: Deesha Lucas
Publication date: 01/06/15


Theme: Having unprotected sex
Artist: Kamil Paszkiewicz
Publication date: 01/07/15


Theme: Dealing with depression
Artist: Rachel East
Publication date: 01/08/15


Theme: Being in an abusive personal relationship
Artist: Alice Kingsley
Publication date: 01/09/15


Theme: Drinking at a party
Artist: Deesha Lucas
Publication date: 01/10/15


 Theme: Being asked to send a sexy image to a partner
Artist: Heather Holt
Publication date: 01/11/15


Theme: Realising you are studying the wrong subject
Artist: Bethany Rose
Publication date: 01/12/15


Theme: Coping with an eating disorder
Artist: Emily Cuthbert
Publication date: 01/01/16


Theme: Risk of getting into crime
Artist: Rachel East
Publication date: 01/02/16


Theme: Giving up smoking
Artist: Philippa Knight
Publication date: 01/03/16

Theme: Managing the real versus virtual world
Artist: Philippa Knight
Publication date: 01/04/15


Youthoria would like to thank Cambridge Regional College, Ruth Laslett from the art and design department and the students who took part in this project

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