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Protect Your Bike From Theft

BikeRegister is the UK’s national police approved cycle database.

Registering on BikeRegister means you could be reunited with your bike in the event of it being stolen.

Once you register with BikeRegister, you will enjoy a number of benefits which mean your bike will be a less attractive target for thieves, and if stolen and recovered by the Police, your bike can easily be returned to you.

Your details are held on the secure online database, which all UK Police Forces have access to. If your bike is stolen you can ’flag’ it as stolen on the database, via your online account.

Registering your bike does not cost anything, although there is a charge for the security kits offered by BikeRegister.

Over 615,000 bikes are registered and every Police Force in the UK uses the BikeRegister database to search for stolen & recovered bikes. The site also has hints and tips to keep your bike safe.

For more information and to register your bike, visit the BikeRegister website.

Follow @bikeregister - for Live updates on bike thefts and other news.

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